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the strategic
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artistic production
and socio-cultural
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CACT: Fighting Ignorance & Intellectual Perfidy | Bellinzona/CH on Sep 15 | Project [SFIP] is a multi-national exhibition process and a platform for critical thinking, researching and presenting African video art. Curated by Kisito Assangni.

Nicene Kossentini, Myopia, 2008
CACT Centro Arte Contemporanea Ticino via Tamaro 3 CH - 6500 Bellinzona
Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December 2012 at 6.00 p.m. and at 7.30 p.m.
(2 screenings / day)

The technocultural revolution has democratised cultural and artistic practice through everyday access to new media. At the same time, the pervasive presence of technology in our lives has raised questions around privacy, surveillance and ownership, the dominance of Western media in globalisation, as well as the privilege of access in the developed world. The [SFIP] network is dedicated to the diffusion of new experiences worldwide through film and video. It is unfortunate that contemporary African art remains largely associated with sculpture and painting. Much work remains to be done in adequately researching the creative energy of the continent, especially within the last decade.

This exhibition presents a selection of African video art that stands beyond the clichés that remain associated with the dark continent and the postcolonial image. It seeks to bring viewers closer to idiosyncratic readings of African video art and its thematic concerns which are largely ignored. ‘Still Fighting Ignorance & Intellectual Perfidy’ contextualises African video art within a larger cultural framework.

Reflecting an age of inter-cultural migration, [SFIP] presents African video artists who live in Africa, Europe and USA whilst providing a meeting point for knowledge and interest in the relationship between self and society. Most works address issues of alterity, identity, tolerance and social relationships as artists reflexively consider their sense of place and belonging in an increasingly interconnected world.

From experimental video to short film, this show focuses on aesthetic and methodological perspectives of fighting ignorance and intellectual perfidy in contemporary African art. The project tells Africa's story by African new media artists as seen through the lens of the relation between tradition and modernity.

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AMIKAM GOLDMAN: Boris Lurie Art Reference Room | Tel Aviv on Aug 14 :

Boris Lurie Nameplate
Nameplate at the entrance door at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Library

I went to talk with Ms. Yaffa Goldfinger, the head of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Library. Ms. Yaffa Goldfinger asked me if I knew that Boris Lurie had a family. I told her he didn't and she said he did - and began talking about Gertrude Stein ... The story is this: About a year ago the Tel Aviv Museum of Art got a call from Gertrude Stein, telling she would like to donate money to the museum. The museum directed her to Ms. Yaffa Goldfinger in the Library, who at the time worked hard on the new location and the transfer of the place. Yaffa and the museum people told Gertrude Stein that they want to invest the donation in the "Israeli Art Reference Room" - that is the archive room of all Israeli artist since 1920's until today, all these blue and yellow folders include material about different Israeli artists, catalogs, newspapers, etc. - Gertrude agreed to this idea. The first part of the plan was the transfer and arranging of the new room - the second part which they are working on it now (and that's were they need most of the money), is to scan and digitize ALL this material.

Gertrude Stein is giving the money for all this project. Ms. Yaffa Goldfinger was in New York in Gertrude Stein's place on Central Park. She had the impression of a some strange about Gertrude Stein who told her about the  Boris Lurie Art Foundation, told her she was Boris's lover all these years, even when her husband was alive and that she was Boris closest friend, in other words, she was like a family to him [1] - many details she did not mentioned ...

I talked to Ms. Goldfinger about 20 minutes, telling her some details about the relationship they had, about the fight over the foundation, about Boris’s art and money, about your NO!art website, and the lack of trust I have in Gertrude. But the facts are facts, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is getting money from her. Ms. Goldfinger didn't know to say if the money comes from Gertrude Stein herself or from the foundation - but I’m sure we know the answer for that - one thing she mentioned was that the Library had few visits from Gertrude’s people, one of them was that lawyer Dr. Geo Campanovo. Another thing she mentioned, was one hard time she really got from Gertrude Stein was about the placard "Boris Lurie Art Reference Room", she had to replace it 3 times, until Gertrude was satisfied with it.  more

[1] Comment by Dietmar Kirves: If Gertrude was Boris's closest friend why she did nothing for him in the art scene betwenn 1966 and 2010? I remember, that she was very angry about our shows at Janos Gat Gallery and Clayton Patterson's Gallery.

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MARTIN KIRVES: My Dissertation | Berlin on Jul 30 | Book: Das gestochene Argument [The Etched Argument]

Martin Kirves Das gestochene Argument
607 pages | 25 x 18 x 3,5 cm | 39 color and 132 b/w images
Dietrich Reimer Verlag Berlin 2012   www.reimer-verlag.de
ISBN 10: 3496014644 | ISBN 13: 9783496014645

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PEDRO BERICAT: Mute Sound Project | Zaragoza/Spain Jul 15 :

mute sound cd cover | click & see more1 minute autohypnosis Project
Send us a minute of sound in any system
by mail or e-mail.
Regards Pedro


1 minute autohypnosis sex war noise faith white truth light europe death seed was released in June of 2012. You can download them by clicking    HERE

ABOUT PEDRO BERICAT: He is a visual artist, who also works with sound. His sound pieces deal with radios which he injects with chemicals, while these radios are playing. It transforms the radio sounds, and makes strong drone like music.

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DOMINIK STAHLBERG: About Lurie Show in Florence | Carrara/Italy on Jun 21 :

Dominik Stahlberg at the opening of Boris Lurie show in Florence 2012
Dominik Stahlberg pointed at Boris Lurie's writing in the show

Now you can forget all your old ideas. What a  show, what a catering, what a nice team, such beautiful women! Boris Lurie, an elite exhibition. He would have not like it. Photographing and video recording is strictly prohibited! Lurie as an angel of peace, as a world savior. Lurie as a resistance against all evil in the world.

Dr. Campanovo, a co-director of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation  (BLAF), orated with a "wonderful" text. A very serious man with a very more serious face. A banker, a shark. He donated 15,000 Euros in the name of BLAF to the Kennedy Center, without a smile ... cool type. Boris would have loved him ... The curator, praised as the same.

Too bad that no one of them has ever met Boris ... The catalog, a single bad NO NO NO NO! The only good man at the opening was Paolo Baratella, invited and flown in from northern Italy. He told of his meeting with Boris in the 60s in his studio. He wondered why he was invited, there should be people who would know much more better Boris. Yes, that surprised us too! That was the first show, according to curator of  works by Boris in Europe (WTF!)

We, the NO! artists have to organize us now! The BLAF is trying now to re-write the story of us and of Boris. The BLAF tries to destroy us! I drove back home with bad energy, so bad that the engine of my car broke down ... For this too .. thanks again BLAF!  Dominik Stahlberg - NO!artist

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HUSH-HUSH: No12 on Jan 16 :

hush-hush No12 | click & read
click on image to get content

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BOWERY POETRY CLUB: May 20th Bowery Benefit | New York on Mar 26 | Hollywood Does Poetry: Save The Date! | Sunday, May 20th 2012 | Begining at 6pm
Please mark your calendars for Bowery Arts + Science’s annual benefit!

Bowery Poetry Invitation

On May 20th, BA+S will celebrate with a very special evening of performances, celebrity guests, music, and other surprises in Hollywood Does Poetry at the Bowery Poetry Club. All proceeds will benefit BA+S and help support vital arts programming and educational projects throughout the year. Official invitations will be coming soon, and we hope to see you at the event!

Scheduled to Appear:

Patricia Clarkson + Hugh Dancy + Bob Holman + Taylor Mali + Taylor Mead + Sapphire
Hosted by Sarah Kay | Special appearance by the Pop Up Poets

6 pm Cocktail Reception | 7 pm Performance | 8:30pm Dance Party
VIP Party at the home of Bob Holman

Bowery Poetry Club | 308 Bowery (at 1st Street) | New York, NY 10012 | 212.614.0504

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YOSSI PERLSHTEYN | Bat-Yam/Israel on Jan 19 | 1998-2008 working years with junk dissident self made sculptor, 4 tiny exhibitions, then persecuted and pogromized still hoping age 59 to be a phoenix.

Good Day — my name is joseph perlstein, born jewish, israeli citizen but never found my place and certain social policies of navigating the human elements not able to serve army, all those kids of holocaust survivors bearing poetical tenderness and notsharing a part in israeli mix-echos of desired human product here shifted to pschiatry -then our personalities totally reaped under brutal prejudice and driven to sides of society, ofcourse mostly lonleuy people of no wide family existance but if concentrating in certain population of sadfull andneeded to encoursge rather than humiliation, abuse and zerofications to remain exploited, used for vulgar entertainment and loosing civil value in a place showing his back to Europe and raising the mad answer to gloomy history by disgusting, neglected, cruel, cheaty, vulgar and deprived of any western culture new kind of fighty, boney, phalic-narcisist israelis

i suffred a lot in psichiatry trying to return to university again and again but gave up as marriage of my parents collapsed into family violence, abandoned and loughed i went with few others to establish   www.iaapa.ch and witness at RussellTribunal Berlin 01

wrote amounts of poetry in hebrew, powerfull ones but willing to create plastics inorder to be seen among burdains of language i created in ten years 1998-2008 many combinations of daily junk as leitmotivated by bitterness toward psichiatric elimination for i m to remain shocked by similiarity of harrasing a jewthen, a so called"mentallyknocket oyt" here and  gave way to poetical based on self studies in theroretic arts as already studied history, 4 tiny exhibitions, 2 under church curtesy in Germany but the atmo around was hostile as i blame state for conducting savage conceptions against people - at least those who were known as intelectuals- means no criminals, no hooligans- people of suffer not harm- to be given what israel signed upon compensations accords with Germany- my appearings as talking back in  www.haaretz.co.il- in hebrew and vast ofunrest about israeli psichiatric legislation i was conected with brough most famous israeli sculptor Yigal Tumarkin to terrorize   www.iaapa.ch members any to dare exhibiting me will e accused by israel as atisemitic and several years after i crushed fnancially, also robbed by naive looking gardner and cleaner but discovered police spy- then prof SIMONA NAOR gave interview to same haarfetz targeting against holocaust survivors kids as collecting materials, remoting from society and illusionized a world of art and creativity becouse of sick imaginative mind- then the treatment should enter their homes, MASTICATE THEIR MATERIALS INFRONT THEIR FACES AND RETURNED BY FORCE TO HEALTHY SOCIRTY- a pogrom broke out in my flat beginning July 2008 as under tricky exploiting my achiles heal fearing hospitalisatioon and after a long salami persecution caused me to shift all materials home for " raising devils and commiting magia- under terror showing and screeming my flat was thrown outside including books, discs, hometools, remininscences from holocaust era and all both accomplished and materials waiting, i "translated a whole poeme book of french ambassador to israel mid 1960 Jean Bourdellitte la pierre et l'anemone into mirror plates using poor daily junk- dry leaves, glas bouwls, remains of candles- from 2008 i stoped creating waiting to miracle to happen but lost my phisical health and turned panic even stresfull to watch all this and lousy execution court , ugly shitty judge and babk siliciter, low deteriorated human mob

r.talbot@berlin.de to give you more details ans so   www.princeofwales.gov.uk,-- clarence house London accepted samplkes in photos and printed home poems, also carterweb@emory.edu- President Carter, rather an angle than human also aware , gentle former first lady too, and info@repoweramerica.org Al Gore too is dated, here in israel nobody will cooperate for its echo of totalitarism and etatism echos here, you can still apply to <ztammuz@gmail.com- Mr. Tammuz and ask him about disc nederland couple photoed VCR AND steals promised to be given me a copy by his doughter who was in cab from Schipol to Amsterdam but never arrived

i ll send you two dozens of photos but most of what you will see laying in paradize of the no-art OR BETTER TO DEFINE IT BY ADMIRED JOSEPH BEUYS WORDS" EACH ONE- AN ARTIST" i created witness, i set up no exotic but sharp critic also poetics of the daily mediocre people who never read abot art so i find my own way to create Nikke of Samotrakke from kitchen devices and i translated poetry, pop hits and tried to sculpt the emotions of the dusty depressive, lonley, forgotten and abandoned poeople against zionist wish- i cherish "mid-day" works of Anthony Caro and 37 scizass went in pogrom with many yellow plastics to crwate hommages and impresed by Julius Bissier andJesica Stockholder , Bacon remains a riddle, i read and sow Kurt Schwitters and even updated to 2005 but not always applauding what i see and maybe you will act for coming back

Paolo Coelho remembers me from Berlin but despite my bitter emails about events kept away and i understand him becouse its tough to interviene with official israel

also Martin Janicek in Prague CZ keeps some photos no originals remained in my home

maybe you are a spark of new hope and rebirth even i m not so young anymore but entusiastic

my lowyer by charity Mr. Even-Or just you to know i m sane, clear, responsible but unwanted here evenorad@bezeqint.net

Thank You
joseph perlstein

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GERTRUDE STEIN: Boris Lurie | New York on Jan 8 | Boris died on the 8th of January, four years ago. It is a moment of sadness for all who knew and cared for him. We are carrying out his plans for the foundation, and have achieved a great deal in this short time. Now our work will be a Lurie Foundation building. The property he owned for many years, which he called STUDIO HOUSE will be a monument to the movement he believed in and struggled for his entire life.

On January 6, 2012, Rocco Armento passed away, his oldest friend and collaborator for more then 50 years.


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