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artistic production
and socio-cultural
action meet.




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BRAD COLLINS: Boris Lurie | Columbus, South Carolina Dec 7 :

brad collins pop art bookThe title of the book is "Pop Art: the Independent Group to Neo-Pop, 1947 - 1990." Lurie was a major influence on Allan d’Arcangelo, one of the American pioneers of Pop and I argue that Lurie’s work with popular imagery in his collages helped pave the way for Pop, which is why I include the requested work. The book is scheduled to be published next summer. All the best, Brad Collins

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MUHAMED AHMED: On behalf of Ms. Aisha Gaddafi | Libya on Sep 22 | Hello Dear, I got your contact email address through an online directory, i was prompted to contact you for an important issue that requires utmost confidentiality. I am called Mr.Ahmed Mohamed, a senior staff in one of the Leading Finance and Security Company in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Aisha GaddafiIt was due to the current Libya uprising that Ms.Aisha Gaddafi (the Daughter of the embattled Libyan President) has arranged to move some of her personal money out of Libya and the cash shipment was conducted by my Company on 3rd August 2011. As the uprising escalated, Ms.Aisha Gaddafi was supposed to fly to South Africa to take a connecting flight to Burkina Faso in order to pick up the cash on arrival but unfortunately, she returned back to Libya for certain security reasons.

Due to the official restrictions on Ms.Aisha Gaddafi and her embattled family to leave the country and different countries freezing Gaddafi family assets, she has revealed to me the amount contained in that trunk box and requested me to seek on her behalf a reliable businessman or financial consultants who can handle or manage that fund for her until they know their faith in this difficult situation they are facing now. So if this might be of interest to you kindly contact me back as soon as possible for more details of this special offer and advice on the role you must play.

Thanks and best regards. Mr.Ahmed Mohammed.

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SAM ROGER: Grand Access | Bangkok/Thailand on Sep 1 :

GoldDear Sir,
How are you? hope fine. I got your profile online and I got 12kilograms of gold here in Thailand for sell. Please contact me back and I will give you more details. Mr. Sam Roger
Address: 1, South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 | Mobile: +668901237303

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CLAYTON PATTERSON: El Sombrero | New York on Aug 30 | On friday night, Saturday morning, around 3 AM- 2 men ate a meal at El Sombrero- the popular Dominican restaurant with Mexican style home cooking located at 108 Stanton @ the corner of Ludlow and Stanton. After eating the 2 men left without paying their bill- a game called dine and dash. One of the cooks, Adolfo Batista and a friend chased the men and caught up to them in front of 110 Stanton, across the street from the open San Loco. The thieves got away and Mr. Batista ended up getting serious beating. He was taken to the hospital and later released.

Adolfo BatistaThe block between Houston and Stanton is heavily patrolled. A patrol car parked at the corner of Houston stops all traffic from entering Ludlow. The police put 2 powerful kleg lights just north of Max Fish which lights up the block like a Hollywood set. It is not unusual to see the 7 th precinct Captain himself sitting in a car on the block The Captain seems fixated on closing Max Fish.

No arrests were made. The thieves got away. The NYPD Takes Action Against Increasing LES Noise Levels ...

Stabbing-murder arrest Volume 80, Number 51 | May 19 - 25, 2011 Police arrested Charles Meredith, 46, on Fri., May 13, and charged him with the May 11 stabbing death of Stewart Rhodes, 50, in Stanton House, the treatment center at 190 Stanton St. An argument between the suspect and the victim turned violent at about 3:20 a.m. when the suspect pulled a kitchen knife and plunged it several times into the victim’s torso, police said. Rhodes was taken to Beth Israel Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The suspect fled but police found a discarded kitchen knife at the scene. Meredith, a Brooklyn resident, was said to be a recent patient at the center and a roommate of the victim. He is being held on a charge of second-degree murder.

Held in girlfriend’s murder Volume 81, Number 5 | June 30 - July 6, 2011 Police arrested Miguel Peña, 58, on Tuesday night, June 28, and charged him with murder after the body of his girlfriend, Felicia Cruz, 49, a home health aide and mother of two sons, was found wrapped in a plastic sheet inside his Stanton St. apartment.

Police were called about 1:30 p.m. after the victim did not show up for work, and discovered her body in Peña’s apartment at 101 Stanton St. at Ludlow St. Her younger son, Eric, 14, had been looking for her because she hadn’t been seen since Monday, according to friends.

The victim had been dating Peña, a neighborhood ice cream vendor, for about five months, according to neighbors. The suspect was said to be extremely jealous and had been trying to convince her to move with him to Florida, neighbors said. Nevertheless, Cruz had been planning to leave him because of his jealousy, relatives said. Peña was being held without bail on Wednesday.

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WORLD WIDE WEB: Boris Lurie Art Foundation online | New York on Jul 2 | This is the message if you want to see what happens now with the BORIS LURIE ART FOUNDATION.
Reason: Cash advance debt consolidation insurance borislurieart.org
What happens with the millionaires?

BORIS LURIE ART FOUNDATION | offline 2.7.2011 | try out

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JENNER FURST: Dirty Old Town | New York on Jun 9 | Dietmar, we will be premiering our new film "Dirty Old Town" www.dirtyoldtownmovie.com at the Babylon on June 20th @ 8.30pm. There will be a screening of "Captured" afterwards. We would love to spend some time with you in Berlin! We will reconnect a couple days before our arrival. Hope you are well. Jenner

Dirty Old Town, poster berlin screeningDirty Old Town is a “goingout-of-business-and-goinginsane” tale by young trio Jenner Furst, Daniel B. Levin and Julia Willoughby Nason. In association with Blowback Productions and Executive Producer Marc Levin, this debut feature narrative is emblematic of a new wave in low-budget filmmaking that seeks to redefine the independent landscape.

The project was spun from Levin and Furst’s previous documentary Captured which chronicled the transformation of the Lower East Side through renegade documentarian, artist and activist Clayton Patterson. In addition to Patterson, many of the same characters from “Captured” including Billy Leroy and his famed Antique Tent, form an ensemble cast of selfinspired neo-realist players. Much of the film was staged on live corners and locations unbeknownst to the public, arresting a signature spontaneity only found on the streets of Downtown New York. read more

Dirty Old Town Trailer | 1.34 min

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ANDRE LATADELLE aka CAPITAL X: Legal Lynchings | Brooklyn on Jun 8 | This is an exclusive track from the soon to be released album K-Town Sessions hosted by DJ Inti out of Kristiansand, Norway. | This video was filmed and edited by WWFF (World Wide Freedom Fighters). | Music produced by: Vherbal of Anno Domini. | Lyrics by Capital-"X" I.G.W.T. Records.

I never tried to be Immortal Technique, or Public Enemy
I'm underground like prisoners in Captain Joe Byrd Cemetery
Speaking out for the silenced, that are stuck in a cell
Turn a blind eye on me, you could wind up in hell
Thinking you're out of reach, from the long arm of the law
Till S.W.A.T. surrounds your house, and kicks in ya door
Charging you with murder one, a capital offence
Now you're fucked like a cheap whore, who couldn't afford a condom
Your defense is a joke, but this ain't Def Jam Comedy
They strip you of your rights, the second you become state property
There ain't no fucking stopping me, I'm at war with the beast
You'll understand when they cuff ya hands and shackle your feet
Put your trust in our system, wind up another victim
Like Todd Willingham, they execute innocents
Execute the indigent, like they used to lynch slaves
Now it's by, lethal injection or the spreading of AIDS

It's cold-blooded murder, master minded democide
Corruption, self-destruction abortion Politicide
Miscarriage of justice, mass killings genocide
Wrongful executions, legal lynching's homicide

I didn't write this for a paycheck, fuck sales and royalties
I wrote this to speak the truth, on racial disparities
Prosecutorial misconduct, police brutality
These ain't conspiracy theories, these are my realities
I wrote this for all my peoples, that are stuck on the row
And for every child that's been sentenced to life with no parole
For all the Puerto Rican Johnny's still locked in the hole
For Jay Dee of the Lynch Mob, and Filiberto Rios
This ain't no Innocence Project, I got the noose around my neck
As I spit these closing arguments, just like Barry Scheck
They say they serve and protect, but they kill in cold blood
The heartless bastards will execute you and your only son
A false confession, and lack of evidence
Won't stop a prosecutor, from gaining a conviction
Listen close to what I spit, cause I ain't changing the subject
Till the whole fucking world is one Guerrilla Republik

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LENNI BRENNER: Zionist Collaboration | New York on Mar 6 | Hi folks, Barricade Books has just produced another printing of 51 Documents:

Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis, edited by Lenni Brenner.

Permit me to briefly tell you how to get a copy. Then I’ll explain why you should read and pass along the documents, especially those detailing the role played by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Zionist-Revisionist movement in the Fascist-Nazi epoch.

Millions in the U.S. and world-wide now closely follow the wave of Middle Eastern revolt
via   http://www.aljazeera.com/.

The more that vast audience learns about the history of all the actors on that political stage, the more it will understand the events going on before our eyes.  read more

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A. WILLIAMS: Domain Name Infringement <no-art.info> | New York on Feb 24 :

Emphases done by NO!art headquarters

Dear Mr. Kirves:

Our firm is counsel to the   BORIS LURIE ART FOUNDATION [1] (the "Foundation"). As you may know, the Boris Lurie Art Foundation is an organization that provides art-related services to preserve and promote the legacy of Boris Lurie and the NO!art movement. In connection therewith, the Foundation has long standing trademark rights in the   NO!art TRADEMARK [2] (the "Mark") and owns numerous international and U.S. trademark registrations and applications. The Mark is very valuable to the Foundation and, as a result, the Foundation has developed specific guidelines relating to any and all uses of the Mark and assiduously polices the use of the same.

It has recently come to our attention that, despite the Foundation's rights in and to the Mark, you have registered the domain name <no-art.info> [3] (the "Domain Name"), which is confusingly similar to the Mark. Please note that the manner of your registration and use of the Domain Name, in our opinion, constitutes "bad faith" under the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. Accordingly our client will be entitled to expedited transfer of the domain name registration via ICANN arbitration.

To that end, our client demands that you immediately take any and all action required to transfer the registration of the Domain Name, as well as any and all other domain names comprised of our client's names or marks or variations thereof that you have registered, to the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, If we do not receive express written confirmation of your compliance by March 15, 2011, our client will pursue other legal remedies.

Please note that this letter is made without prejudice to any other rights or remedies that may be available to the Boris Lurie Art Foundation. Nothing contained herein should be deemed a waiver, admission or license by the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, and the Boris Lurie Art Foundation expressly reserves the right to assert any other factual or legal positions as additional facts come to light, or as the circumstances warrant.

Very truly yours,
Anthony Williams
Cc: Gertrude Stein[4]
Catherine Warwick | Asst. to Anthony Williams
DLA Piper LLP (US) | 1251 Avenue of the Americas | New York, New York 10020-1104


[1] The Boris Lurie Art Foundation was founded 2009  see mail from 8/11/2009
[2] The Trademark was registered by the Foundation on 6/11/2010. Published For Opposition Date: 3/22/201
[3] First Publishing of the NO!art website was on 11/5/1999.
[4] Gertrude Stein-who appears here as a plaintiff-is a former friend of Boris Lurie in the 60s. Her last exhibition on the NO!art movement was the Goodman Memorial show in 1967 in
New York. Since then she has undertaken nothing more for the support of the NO!art, although she leads and owns a gallery, see  http://gallerygertrudestein.com. Boris Lurie and Gertrude Stein were even fallen out temporarily in the 80s and 90s. In 2009 -one and a half years after Boris Luri's death-she founded the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, arranged two exhibitions in other galleries only about Boris Lurie, and starts her web page  www.borislurieart.org. Without asking me, she copied numerous text contributions from my NO!art archive in her web page - even in original form - and limited the current NO!art involved artist register on her agreeable  artist's list.

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RESPONSE by DIETMAR KIRVES | Berlin on Feb 26 :

From: "NO!art headquarters" <contact@no-art.info
To: "Warwick, Catherine" <Catherine.Warwick@dlapiper.com
Cc: "Gertrude Stein" <gsteinny@aol.com
Subject: 110225_infringement_at_no-art-info
Date: Saturday, Februar 26, 2011 02:09

Dear Catherine Warwick,

please send me your matter in German. I'm not so perfectly in your language, in your visions about art law, and in US rights. I saw in the WWW that you have an office in Berlin. Please contact me by your attorney there.

Best greetings from Berlin to you and Gertrude
Dietmar Kirves

NO!art website since 1999
NO!art website since 1999

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NO!art HEADQUARTERS | February 26 | Dietmar Kirves worked together with Boris Lurie more than 30 years to bring the NO!art to light and to involve more artists in the NO!art under the slogan "NO!art is socially relevant personal expression, it is social art, it is protest art, it is political art, it is anti-art (anti artmarket art)". See  http://www.no-art.info/_statements/en.html

One of the first results was the first NO!art anthology as a book (1988), various other books, cataloges, exhibitions and films which are to be seen on the NO!art websites. This was and is very hard work and people around him all know and recognize how much Dietmar Kirves has done for NO!art. Without his work nobody would have gained knowledge of NO!art all over the world since the seventies. His NO!art website has just now more than 100 thousand visitors per month and more than two thousand backlinks from Unviversities, newspapers, movements, and others.

Dietmar Kirves compiled the largest and most in depth archive dealing with Boris and NO!art. During Boris Lurie`s lifetime he did this work together with him. An incredible fact is that he did all the work for only Dollar 300 a month. Boris Lurie also visited him in Germany and Dietmar Kirves went to New York to help him to prepare the archives and exhibitions, especially the 'NO!art and the Aestetics of Doom' show in Evanston/Chicago (2001).

But everything became worse for Dietmar when Boris became very sick and died in 2008. Since then he did not get any money-support at all. But he could not stop doing his work because he is an artist himself and a lover of art. He is totally involved in his work for NO!art. It`s literally a great part of his 'Life-Work' and he loves it with all his heart. Maybe the Foundation knows about this. They started to exploit him, that means, they took articles from his website (for instance the vita from Boris Lurie etc). No permission was asked and none was granted. The catalogue for the show at Westwood Gallery in New York (2010) has also many articles taken off of Dietmar`s website.

NO!art is not a product manufacturing company - the name does not represent a business. NO!art is an art movement and should not be trademarked. Boris Lurie was one of the last initiators of the NO!art movement and it is against his interest and the interest of the other involved artists to trademark the NO!art and herewith limit the freedom of the NO!art movement. It is as impossible as to trademark Pop art, DADA, Fluxus, Land art, Concept art, NO!art, etc.

The most incredible impudence is that the Foundation eventually is threatening Dietmar Kirves through their lawywers. They wrote to him that if he does not transfer the Domainname of the website to the Foundatin by March 15 th 2011, "they will pursue other legal remedies." Dietmar runs his website since 1999. It seems so as if the Foundation does not care to spend a lot of money for lawyers.

Lurie`s investments were worth an estimated 80 million dollars.
See  Art News review in April 2010

Nevertheless- NO!art goes on, whatever.

NO!art goes on even without any trademark!

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RON SLUIK: NO ART GALLERY OFF FACEBOOK | Bergen/Norway on Jan 20 | All friends of Natland SB are requested to stay calm and visit the link below. All enemies are asked to go to the wall of shame. Hilsen, Sluik R, a disposable curator at Natland SB galleri Bergen.

related Natland SB Gallery

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NEW YORK TIMES ALERT: Mob sweep | New York on Jan 20 | BREAKING NEWS ALERT: F.B.I. and Police Arrest More Than 100 in Mob Sweep | In a blanket assault against seven mob families in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island, the F.B.I. and local authorities began arresting more than 100 people on Thursday on charges including murder, racketeering and extortion, people briefed on the arrests said. — The sweep began before dawn and the targets ranged from small-time book makers and crime-family functionaries to a number of senior mob figures and several corrupt union officials, according to several people briefed on the arrests. Among those arrested or sought, some of the people said, were more than two dozen made members of New York's five crime families and the families in New Jersey and New England, along with dozens of their associates.

Mob sweep New York

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BLUESTOCKINGS: Certificate | New York on Jan 20 :

Buy StuffOUR MISSION: Bluestockings is a radical bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center in the Lower East Side. Through words, art, food, activism, education, and community, we strive to create a space that welcomes and empowers all people. We actively support movements that challenge hierarchy and all systems of oppression, including but not limited to patriarchy, heterosexism, the gender binary, white supremacy and classism, within society as well as our own movements. We seek to make our space and resources available to such movements for meetings, events, and research. Additionally, we offer educational programming that promotes centered, strategic, and visionary thinking, towards the realization of a society that is infinitely creative, truly democratic, equitable, ecological. | 172 Allen Str. betw Stanton & Rivington :: 212.777.6028

more bluestockings.com

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