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VINCENZO MASTRANGELO: Saluti - found in YouTube | Dec 11

WU WANG | la inocencia | I Ching 25 | Ayax cielo y el trueno pa'nuestro hijo | canciòn: Mi gran noche | autor: Salvatore Adamo | canta: Raphael | àlbum: 30 èxitos insuperables, EMI.2003.España | pinturas: Stu Mead | http://stumead.com | y otros | fotos y disceños: ixchel, ayax, aft | dibujos: ayax | graffiti: kaixi | ideas: norma ortega | edíciòn y realizaciòn: alfonso franco tíscareño | una produccíòn de Yatzil Xai, taller de creaciò mùltiple | Cerro del Ajusco Mèxico df agosto 2007

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RAFAL KARCZ: Cooperation | Cracow/PL | Nov 29


Rafal Karcz: Painting #1Rafal Karcz: Painting #2Rafal Karcz: Painting #3

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CLAYTON PATTERSON: More on the Lower East Side | New York | Nov 3

A response to someone who thinks I am a moron for trying to make changes- his take is that everything is temporal and nothing matters-here is my response back to him- thanks Clayton
Everything is a temporary state of mind-- true, but that is all we have- that is who we are- that is how we think- and that is life. And in this life we can choose with our temporary existence to help people- work for what we think is right- make a contribution to what we think is a better society. It is my ambition to be an artist who makes a contribution. Or we can just help ourselves and do the ME-ME-ME trip.

I came to NYC with the ambition of making a change in the world, leaving something behind, to make a statement about my existence in this temporary world. Yes even an unprivileged kid from the poor end of Calgary, from an eccentric family, can be equal to those who make a contribution and change in NYC, thus the world. And I think that I have done that and because of my understanding of the temporal state my existence that is why I am still working towards my goals-- with the commitment to never give in, never give up, never forget the struggle.

It is from the understanding that life is only a temporal situation.that keeps me going, pushing me, otherwise, a long time ago, I would have taken my accumulated laurels, sold my property when the market was high, and gone out and drank from the cup my successes.

It is the temporal that gives me strength, that allows me to realize that this moment of difficulty will pass. That no, I should not take the easy road, not give in or to prostrate myself at the feet of some compromised temporal success. Of course I could stop being a thorn in the worlds side and give in to the luxury of joining in to the come along, go along world.

I do this work out of a sense of duty to the forgotten ones, the outlaws, those who have less, those who do not have the chance, the unsuccessful, the poor, the under privileged. It is not just for art and glory that I am on this journey, a part of it is for the.symbol, a representative from that dark unseen, unrecognized end of the world.

I feel like I am just getting to the beginning part of the reason for my temporal existence. Until now, I have just been in the hunting and gathering stages. It is time to start putting the puzzle together so others can see what my intentions and contribution is. Of course there is every possibility that my role or work will never be understood. Until now I have not found one person who has any kind of insight into what my work is about, so the whole struggle can be for not.

Yes everything is temporal, we are smaller and less significant than a grain of sand on the beach. Each grain of sand can last for an eternity. We are nothing more than a flash of a moment in time- yes everything is temporal, but that is all we have and I intend to do something with my moment in time. ---Thanks Clayton
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CLAYTON PATTERSON: The life damaging struggle | New York | Nov 3

Photo by Clayton Patterson 2008

I was reading Suzannah B. Troy's blog and she reminded me about the life damaging struggle the people at 45-47- east 3rd street are dealing with. This is all under the watchful eye and protective eye of our own precious Mayor Mike Bloomburg. The Economakis (Yatrakis) --- read about this struggle @ www.47e3.org http://www.bwog.net/tags/yatrakis

A brief history of the story from the Shadow newspaper- the Dean's email address is kby1@columbia.edu I think everyone should write the Dean an email -- the residents of 45-47 east 3rd street have run out of legal options- they are at the point of eviction- the letter I sent to the Dean is below this brief-

[July 2007] Our story at 47 East Third Street is sadly not a unique one, though our fear is that it has the potential to destroy the homes and lives of our community and of those across all 5 boroughs. In August 2003, one of the tenants in our building, living there since 1981, received a "Notice of Non-Renewal" from our landlords, Alistair and Catherine (Yatrakis) Economakis. The Notice said that his rent stabilized lease would not be renewed because they not only needed his apartment, but the entire six story, 11,575 square foot tenement building containing 15 apartments for their own "personal use."

Their landmark district Cobble Hill 4 story brownstone, which they are "forced" to share with other members of the family--among them landlord and real estate investor Peter Yatrakis and his wife Kathryn Yatrakis, Dean of Academic Life and Professor of Urban Studies at Columbia University--was just too small for them. Alistair Economakis, the son of Greek shipping magnate Alexander Economakis, no doubt shared his wife's sense of entitlement.

Their grand plan was to turn our building into a mansion with "5 bedrooms, 6 bath-rooms, a private gym, a library, a utility room, a playroom, a study, a two floor living room/kitchen area with a walkway overlooking the living room, and an entire floor for use as a "nanny's suite." (The Economakis' self-serving rationale for needing all of this space is viewable on their website at: <http://www.economakis.com > -- the landlords' claims on their site are debunked on the tenants' website at: <http://47e3.org)

Kathryn B Yatrakis is the mother-in-law and -Dean of Academic Affairs, Columbia College & Urban Studies Program Columbia Advisor.

Even in this day and age of greed, lusting for money, the rich monetarily ripping-off the American people, and a culture of ME, ME, Me, I still cannot comprehend how someone with this mentality of fuck everyone but me, can be teaching Urban Studies at a university like Columbia. What your greed has done to the people at 45-47 e 3rd street may have been legal, but morally and ethically it is wrong. You people are the vultures in this world. It is people like you that have ruined this country. I hope you never need the sympathy of a community.

thanks Clayton
Kathryn B. Yatrakis

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ERA Group: HUMANOPOLIS ars - OHRID 2008 | Slovenia | May 14

CALL FOR APPLICATION! See the info about the academy on www.humanopolis.com.mk - Contextualization of art/architecture recently begins to act as an indicator in defining complex approaches to the phenomena of identity and expression (individuality of artistic presence). Treated as organic part of the entire artistic scene, architecture becomes (again) a battlefield for different experiments. The nature of its inner space is influenced not only with the general mainstreams in architecture and art, but with the recent globalization phenomena too.

HUMANOPLIS - Agency for entrepreneurship potential development / ERA group Slovenia (www.humanopolis.com.mk / www.era.si, in cooperation with the University American College, Faculty of Architecture & Design, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia www.uacs.edu.mk is organizing first edition of the Pilot project of Summer Academy for Visual Arts, so called HUMANOPOLIS ars.

APPLAY NOW!!! The number of places is limited!!! Priority will have the students who will sign up first!!!


GET the chance to be enrolled in summer program in one of the most interesting places in the Balkans, City of OHRID!!! More Info about Ohrid: www.ohrid.com.mk; www.ohrid.de

It is unique opportunity where you can reach professional and personal benefits, by getting new skills studying at the "edge" where the architecture merges the arts and VcV!!! Be a part of the "magic story" which continues through centuries and show your creativity by using new and old values in an unusual environment…

Come, Learn and Enjoy!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at
We look forward to hearing from you!
ERA Group - Slovenia
Skopje Fair
Belasica 2, 1130 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
T + 389 2 3218 474
F + 389 2 3218 472
M + 389 70 225088>

www.humanopolis.com.mk <http://www.humanopolis.com.mk/>
www.era.si <http://www.era.si/>

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CHARLES WOSTOK: Leonard Cohen Lyrics: "The Partisan" | Berlin | Mar 15

When they poured across the border / I was cautioned to surrender, / this I could not do; / I took my gun and vanished. / I have changed my name so often, / I've lost my wife and children / but I have many friends, / and some of them are with me.

An old woman gave us shelter, / kept us hidden in the garret, / then the soldiers came; / she died without a whisper.

There were three of us this morning / I'm the only one this evening / but I must go on; / the frontiers are my prison.

Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing, / through the graves the wind is blowing, / freedom soon will come; / then we'll come from the shadows.

Les Allemands e'taient chez moi, (The Germans were at my home) / ils me dirent, "Signe toi," (They said, "Sign yourself,") / mais je n'ai pas peur; (But I am not afraid) / j'ai repris mon arme. (I have retaken my weapon.)

J'ai change' cent fois de nom, (I have changed names a hundred times) / j'ai perdu femme et enfants (I have lost wife and children) / mais j'ai tant d'amis; (But I have so many friends) / j'ai la France entie`re. (I have all of France)

Un vieil homme dans un grenier (An old man, in an attic) / pour la nuit nous a cache', (Hid us for the night) / les Allemands l'ont pris; (The Germans captured him) / il est mort sans surprise. (He died without surprise.)

Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing, / through the graves the wind is blowing, / freedom soon will come; / then we'll come from the shadows.

Charles Wostok Arterror>

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ALDO TAMBELLINI: Wonderful site | Cambridge/USA | Jan 1

Everytime we visit no art site it looks better and better. Aldo and I wish you the best in 2008 much health and wealth if it possible but happiness and health are more important. I am sending you Aldo's filmography which I just finished compiling, then I will send some images for Aldo's part. ciao and thanks again. You are doing a wonderful and professional job. Wish we had some money to finace some of your efforts who knows maybe someday.

ciao anna and aldo

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