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TAGGED: Portraits of Boris +++ Saving Boris +++ Have Been at the Hospital +++ Just Returned from Hospital +++ Boris' Condition +++ Calling the Nurses +++ Painting Camus +++ NO!art Website Great Work +++ NO!art website +++ Kirves answer +++ Levitt's answer

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ALEKSEY DAYEN: Picts of Boris taken two days ago | New York on Jan 18

Boris Lurie on 01/18/2006, photo by A. DayenBoris Lurie on 01/18/2006, photo by A. Dayen
Boris Lurie Portraits. Photo by Aleksey Dayen

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GERTRUDE STEIN: About Boris' condition | New York | Feb 18 | I call the nurses station in the morning, and today, they put me through to his room.  He picked up the phone and tried talking to me. He understood when I said I would be there, he muttered something like OK. The hospital phone number is 212-746-5000 and perhaps you will get through.  gertrude

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ALEKSEY DAYEN: Boris' condition | New York on Feb 18 | hi to all. I saw boris today. he's in a same shape as he was on wednesday. the only difference - he's very calm, I guess it's due to medications. he's been moved in to a room for two. boris tried to write something but I could make sense out of it. basically, no news. let's wish him all the best a hope for a speedy recovery. --- yours,  aleksey

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GERTRUDE STEIN: About Boris' condition | New York on Feb 16 | just returned from the hospital. He is stable, looks good, cannot speak, is irritable with the nurses. Pulled the feeding tube out today. They plan to insert one in his stomach which will automatically feed him. He is trying very hard to communicate. will get him a radio. When I asked if he would like to hear music, he nodded yes. When we asked about the letter board, he nodded yes. The plan is to keep him in this spot for a day after they put the food dispenser in his stomach. They watch him for a day or two, then to another part of the hospital where he will see the therapists, occupational and physical. Then the decision of where he is to go. I will be in touch with the social worker, or perhaps N. or R. would be the right persons, since they are the executors, to the best of my knowledge. He was in a very quiet mood when I left. He is doing very well.  gertrude

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GERTRUDE STEIN: About Boris' condition | New York on Feb 13 | Have been at the hospital for 5 hours.  When I arrived, he was not awake, but soon did open his eyes. He recognizesand understands everything, but cannot speak. He tries to speak, but it is guttural and cannot be understood. He is very agitated, and would not let the nurse take his blood pressure. He ripped out all the tubes and also the gloves they had him wear to prevent this. He tried to hit the doctor and scratched the nurses. He has very long nails.

He looks good, he is very skinny, has not eaten and will not take the intravenous feedings because he does not like the tube.

He became quiet when I pulled the chair next to his bed and then he indicated he wanted to get out of bed and sit on a chair. It was difficult, the nurses do not trust him. He is very difficult. We sat together and he tried to speak to me, to no avail, but became very relaxed as we sat in chairs opposite each other.

After a few hours, he allowed the nurse to take the tests and put him in shape. The therapist came in to try feeding himreal food, he has not had any. It was not too successful, and she will keep trying. Then the doctor came in and we had a long talk.

He told me that Boris followed demands, and that he has not much loss of memory. The doctor asked him to write or copy a box that the doctor drew. Boris did not do the box, but a little sketch of the doctor, I think.

I read lots into little. Stayed until he got tired and we put him in the bed, although he likes to do everything himself. He fought the therapist who tried to feed him the apple sauce. He grabbed the spoon and tried himself, but could not swallow it. All in all, he is improving and I think he will be in good shape quite soon.

The doctor once again asked me who had a medical proxy for him, but I do not know who that is. It is not Nadelman, they asked him, perhaps Rene has that right.

Anyway, there it is, we still have Boris. —  gertrude

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MARTIN LEVITT: Saving Boris from his enemy | Essex Junction on Feb 11 | Dear Friends of Uncle Boris, It is just wonderful that everyone is so hopeful about Boris. Most of it sounds like pitiful and discordant whistling. I was under the impression from Boris, though he wasn't thrilled with it; he planned to have Gertrude Stein's son to be in charge of the foundation named for his sister and mother and also if he would help perpetuate the art work that Boris has done. He would also would try to keep "NO!art" functioning.

It seems that Everyone is pretending that Boris will soon be at the Cedar Bar hosting a gathering of artists. If Boris survives this latest incident he will be in no shape to live alone. He will need constant care and rehabilitation. To use a common simile, "Someone has to step up to the plate as a pinch hitter for Comrade Boris". If he had been sent to a rehab to begin with, he would be vigorous and making money and doing art work and torturing a slew of Hispanic workers.

The ideal situation would be a decent apartment with a live in, tough, middle aged, illegal Mexican woman in control.

Boris is easy to control, he is not a fighter, he is a survivor. If he survives this last gambit, it is an ideal time for him to create art and find a staff for his foundation>

I hope somebody can find someway to convince Boris that he is now as famous as Giotto and should just do art work, to help fill out his legend. Or he can continue to play Daddy Warbucks and work on his market ventures; but in a controlled environment. If he is left in charge, he is a "dead man".

Isn't there someone who will take charge?

a worried - 80 year old friend,

related Martin Levitt

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AMIKAM GOLDMAN: NO!info | Tel Aviv/Israel on Feb 28 | Happy NO!info Birthday! 100,532 visitor in 6 years = 2,190 days . you have 45 entries per day! it has a constant move, getting better, BIGGER... Great work. U are making it work! NO!art is a wonderful site, and your diary pictures & notes is inspiring.

Last time i heard about Boris is about a week ago, from Yonni. he visited him in hospital. the picture he gave was bleak, but with good hope of improvement.

I wish someone could bring a laptop over to the hospital, and go through the web-site with him. I think he would like it.

Lurie protraits Aleksey took were strong, they made me with an intstant shocke. and remind me I haven't seen him for so long.

I made a lot of progress with a new idea for a film. a cable channel of documentary films, is interested to produce it. I hope it will be approved soon.

I also owe you some new pictures, and i hope i will keep my word soon>

All best  Ami

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HARRIET WOOD: Painting Camus | Marshfield/Vermont on May 31 | Hi Dietmar: This is a big drawing I did for an exhibit last winter. The quote is Camus.

It's very sad about Boris ... a tragic way to leave. I have heard that Gertrude has full control now...I hope she does right by him which would be to establish a Foundation. I wonder if Estera Milman has been involved.

I hope you're doing well and I hope to get over there sometime soon.

Warm regards,  Harriet

Harriet Wood: Painting Camus, 2006
CAMUS, 2005 | painting on paper

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GERTRUDE STEIN: Boris | New York on June 13 | please let me know what is happening with the website you designed for Boris.
gertrude stein

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DIETMAR KIRVES: Boris | Berlin on June 19 | Dear Gertrude,
thanks for your request to the NO!art website which I designed.
Boris paid several years a support to me for the art work.
It was every month 350 dollars by air mail letter.
But since he came to the hospital he stopped with supporting.
I don’t know how long I can hold the NO!art web pages,
because I live only from a small welfare pension here.
You know that there is no business with NO!art.
The www.no-art.info page is at the moment
the biggest NO!art archive in the internet.
It includes over two thousands documents
and has more than one hundred thousands visitors up to now.
Greetings from Berlin Dietmar.
see the special Boris pages

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MARTIN LEVITT: Re Fwd Boris| New York on June 21 | Dear Gertrude, Dietmar is correct and the Knadle should send him money.

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