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TAGGED Olympic Play Invitation +++ Feed Myself

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MEGAKLES ROGAKOS: Vorres Museum - Olympic Play | London on Jun 12 | The VORRES MUSEUM invites me to propose an exhibition to coincide with the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, under a theme in relation to sport for its new wing (1000 square meters) that is to open in the near future.

Vorres Museum Athens

In response to the Vorres Museum's invitation I am now seeking to receive proposals for an exhibition under the title OLYMPIC PLAY. This exhibition is conceived to subvert conventional expectations around olympism; ideas of excellence, magnificence and superiority. The term 'play' of the title is to be read as a synonym to fun, gaiety and frolic. Hence, Olympic Play shall engage with sport as disport.

As the exhibition dates for the summer of 2004 are dangerously near, proposals for Olympic Play should be sent to my address above (preferably by e-mail) no later than the end of this month, June 2003. A complete proposal will consist of the participatory work's full credits [title / year / medium / material / dimension]. It is also necessary to point out that no artists' budget is available. However, Olympic Play will be backed up by extensive press, media and marketing campaign, which will reach everyone in the arts. A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

I look forward to your response. Yours sincerely, Megakles>

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YONI MARON: As I feed myself with the world | New York on Oct 6 | Hi Dietmar, i'm yoni maron, ami goldman's friend from nyc. i'm the guy which shoot boris's photos [NO!art MAN]. thanks for updating me on coming events in no-art. i attached here some of my digital works.

Carbomb, 2003Carrots, 2003Sports, 2003Eyeballman, 2003
NO harderRoad Map, 2003Skin Trio, 2003Succesfull, 2003

these are mostly digital collages based on internet images, as i feed myself with the world news, experiancing the wars at my home country, israel, and iraq through the pixelated screen. the experiance of sexuallity as it depicted in internet is infused into the war images with certain referances to the way we look at news and the relation between the sexes and proccesing them into a commodity/entertainment. well i'd rather not add any more for i belive the images are speaking for them selves in a rather obvious way, i just wanted to be clear as to the sources, being all internet stuff. these are not their final names and they are to be printed in the form of posters/or ciba prints in light box. i'll make a test print soon and then decide which is better. if you have any comments or suggestions i'd be happy to here from you. have a nice "yum-kipur", yoni maron, brooklyn nyc.

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