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TAGGED: The Future +++ Sign of Life +++ Boris Lurie Film +++ Letter NY Press +++ Submission

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DARYA DANZIG: The future? | New York on Sep 28
What if Taliban wins??? ...... Enjoy...

Statue of LibertyBush for Dummies
New York 2006
New York City in the year 2006

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CLAYTON PATTERSON: Sign of life | New York on Sep 12 | We are a little under the weather right now. We were at the WTC terrorist site. We were about 1 block away from the World Trade Center. We could hear the sounds of breaking glass. The police started to yell for people to move. One cop pushed Elsa hard. Elsa fell, broke the camera (video), she smacked her head on the sidewalk, cut her hand and arm, hurt her leg. Right now she does not feel well and is in much pain.

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AMIKAM GOLDMAN: Boris film | New York on Aug 10 | Hello Dietmar, Thank you for the massage. I still didn't get the chance to make the shooting of Boris work, in his uptown studio. I will probably do that sometime next week. I did had the chance to meet Armin Hundertmark who was here for a couple of days, last week. It was strange, because we did an interview together, which he answered in German, I could not understand what he was talking about, and now I need to find a translator. What I hope he gave me in his answers is the story behind the first NO!art book. That's also where I believe that you are getting in the picture. I know that you collected the pictures and was putting them together. Was that how you met Boris ? or you had a connection even before?>

I am taking sound equipment for this coming weekend. I'm continuing a conversation with Estera. Will it be good if I would call you on sunday ? I hear that we have time differences of 6 hours, so let me know, if it's ok., on what time should I call, better for me is later in the day. So let me know, I'll be waiting for an answer. Talk to you soon, all the best, Ami.

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CLAYTON PATTERSON: letter? maybe? | New York on Jul 14 | Dietmar this is a letter which I got into NYPress. If you look up NYPress on the web you will find this in the archives. The paper came out after June 8th. Probably June 13th. 2001. The paper comes out one time per week. Boris was unhappy about the letter, because Golub is in the book. However I stand behind what I say. How is the Boris poetry book coming? Fighting with Boris every day. But that is fine. cp.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: letter? maybe?
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 10:56:12
From: clayton/elsa
To: john strausbaugh

thank you cp.

-------- Original Message --------
john strausbaugh wrote: Hey Clayton. Yes, we'll run this in the mail, sure. Best, J>

-------- Original Message --------
From: clayton/elsa
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 07:23:41 + +0000
To: john strausbaugh, Jim Knipfel, NY Press
Subject: letter? maybe?>

Dear Mail;
I would agree with you that Leon Golub is a good painter, in a painterly sort of way. Tasty surfaces, bold technique, nice colors; obviously a man well schooled in the art of painting. But political? Yes, OK, in a SOHO art scene kind of way. In the politically correct way that he sat on the fence when his "good friend" Carl Andre was facing murder charges? But POLITICAL. No way! Political art is related to an action, to a move that causes a stir, creates a force that brings attention to the content. Political art strikes nerves, causes emotional damage, gets people upset. Political art helps to makes changes. To make pseudo politically correct statements, to be bantered about, while waiting for next year’s big art show is nothing more than buffoonery. This is an insult to the small group of artists who have struggled politically to deal with the system by using art as their voice, as their tool.

Mr. Golub is a Political Pop artist. He was never in the jungles of Central America, nor did he witness military atrocities that took place in Viet Nam. He never bore witnessed to the brutality of mercenaries. His oversized ‘outrage’ paintings are all imaginary scenes made up in his head. The content of the paintings comes from watching television, movies, reading books and taking shit with his friends. The mercenary kicking the victim on the ground is an action taken from soccer players kicking the ball. He scores! What nonsense!>

This is an insult to those who have struggled with the system using art as a real weapon. Boris Lurie of the NO!art movement, a group who could not get a show in New York for 30 years until I gave the NO! Artists a small show in the little space that I had available. Boris’s art is political. One aspect of Boris’s work is about the suffering of Jews in the holocaust is based on experience. Boris was a prisoner in concentration camps from 1942 to 1945. The Jewish Museum would show Catholics like Andy Wharhol, but they would not touch the powerful, screaming voice of ‘The Jew’, Boris Lurie. How could the shit sculptures, the mutilated woman series, or the Buchenwald bodies be show in the pristine daisy fields of the Jewish Museum? Ironically it is the Germans who have been championing his work.

Golub was never involved in the struggles of the Aids war, the Drug War, the War on the poor in New York City, the evictions of the poor from SRO’s who moved to the Tompkins Square Park Tent City then to the death beds, lots and lots of dead. Golub was no where to be found when the NYPD brought in 1500 police and a tank to evict a couple of hundred squaters with their families on 13 Street. He was no where during the 5 years of rioting in the East Village. He would not respond to any of these cries for help. No way! Yet these real life problems were only blocks from his house. This was dirty. This was real. This was not for intellectuals talking and reading books about far away places sipping cognac by the fire and talking shit with their friends. These desperate, tragic stories were not a marketable commodity.

There are numerous local artists who have been arrested during these years for performing their art. Seth Tobocman, Robert Lederman, Eric Drooker, John Penley, Peter Lavasuer, Peter Missing, Mark Missing, and the banner painters, Joel Meyers and John Potack, just to name a few. I have been arrested numerous times for my art, had teeth knocked out and was beat unconscious by the NYPD, had phony warrants used to come inside my house, phone tapped, intimidated, told by a Federal court Judge that my work was to be destroyed and I was not to come back to his court room, and there was no one in the art world to call out to. Where are the Leon Golubs when Elsa Rensaa, Marcia Lemmon, and I were BANNED, BANNED from attending all public 7th precinct community council meetings. Banned for the crime of asking questions about crime in our neighborhood and asking the council to follow state laws. This is the first time that I have witnessed this kind of action, this "political" move. That is to outright ban people from attending open public meetings.

In a democracy you can control behavior at meetings, but you cannot dictate speech. Banning people from having access to government agencies was a strategy that Hitler used at the beginning of his political career. These "political" art academy types were all sipping good wine and talking shit. Or championing the so called politics around the Brooklyn Museum Sensation exhibition, which had the same game and players as the early Mary Boone "sold out" exhibitions where Sache, the British PR genius who helped create and elect Margaret Thatcher was hidden in the background. Sache exposed himself at the ‘Sensation’ show by acknowedging that he owned the artwork. Think back. The game was almost the same.

If you have any interest in this history, good story, but another time. Yes it is correct to say that Leon Golub is a good academy painter, but it is ridiculous to say he is political in the way that you mean it. As for going to see his exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, the last time I was at that establishment was to photograph the "Sensation" Exhibition. There was a lot of main stream press at this event. Elsa Rensaa and I were told we were not on the INVITED press list although we both have press passes. We are not part of the main stream, and this glorious exhibition was only for the "big boys". The Museum called the cops and we were escorted out. Interesting video, interesting history, and yes, the show made tons of money. Big deal. --- Clayton Patterson

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CLAUDIO PARENTELA: Submission | Catanzaro, Italy on Jun 9 | Hello my friends, Claudio Parentela here... I'm an illustrator and a cartoonist and I'm very active in the international underground scene. I collaborate around the world with many zines and magazines of art and comics, like:Stripburger, Lavirint, You&Me, The Lummox Journal, The Cherotic Revolutionary, The Brown Bottle, Art Life, Mani Art, Pintalo De Verde, Crystal Drum, Chance, Untergrundblatte, Unwound, Moon Magazine, Lucid Moon, Evasion, Stampa Alternativa, Emozioni, BGA Comix, Innovation Studio, Kerosene, Lo Sciacallo Elettronico, Krimson Leer, Phony Lid Pubblications, The Benway Institute, Kastello, Cabezabajo, Que Suerte, Topaz, Sunburn, Fagorgo, Entmoot, Pssst zine, zzz zine, Stardust Memories, Helter Skelter, Germinal .... and many other again. I've illustrated poems of:Mark Sonnenfeld, Gary Sneyd, Shannon Colebank, Lisa Massei, Vittorio Baccelli, Michael Kriesel, Gavin Burrows, Cristiano Quadalti. The last year I was guest of the BREAK 21 Festival in Ljubljana-Slovenia. I'v pubblished for various publishers some my booklets of illustrations and of comics: ''The Halved Nightmare'', ''The Slavering Rat'' (BGA Comix-Innovation Studio-Italy) - ''Black Kisses and other Stories'', ''The Book of Secrets'' (La Cafetiere Editions-Belgium) - ''Story'', ''Il Bombarolo'' (Progetto Siderurgiko-Italy) - ''Jeanne Dark you got Balls'', ''The Frogs Ballet'' (self-produced). I love too Mail Art and I partecipate to all the mail art projects that I know. I collaborate too with many punk, industrial, metal bands. I'm writing you this short message becouse I should like to draw for you and to show my artworks on your site/gallery. I send you some examples of my artworks and I hope in your answer, love and friendship, Claudio Parentela - Via Milano 10, 88100 Catanzaro, Italy

Works by Claudio Parentela

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