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TAGGED: Spring +++ Boris Lurie Film +++ Tate Modern +++ Manwoman +++ Webbittown +++ NO!castle +++ Displacement Show

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MARTIN LEVITT: Spring in the air for 2001 | Essex Junction on Dec 23 | Dear Dietmar, as an afficianado of the NO!art genre I should of course recognize your name instantly; but being English speaking almost exclusively, when I see your name my instant reaction is "this is a spammer". Since I pick out the word DIET and think it is an ad for making me again into the slender changeling I once was. So once again I say NO! especially to the "Grim Reaper" and a Nun's Snot in Dublin Town. — I wish you a creative year. Martin Levitt

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AMIKAM GOLDMAN: Boris film | New York on Nov 27 | Dear Dietmar, the reason that i did'nt get back to you right away ( beside the fact that i don't have a computer at home - i have it in school ), is that you actually gave me this great idea, to come and have a visit in Berlin. Well, i'd love to do that , but it seems unlikely that it will happen soon enough. I'm editing this film on Boris. I still have work ahead of me. I even need to shot some more footage. What i need right away is to add stills photos into the film - I have too much 'black slots' - you see, the film talks a great deal on the early days of NO!art, As Boris describes it , and also Gertrud Stein.

Boris Talks about a big box of photos that you have. We talked over the phone about your Hundertmark book. I'm assuming that you have the biggest archive collection on the Man.

.... and i am going over the book to pick photos that i'd like to use...

Well, you see, there are too many....... and i know it would be the best if i would be in your place to pick them up, but, here i'm indicating 41 images from the book,

p.5- statue of liberty / p.6- march gallery; entrance / p.8- involvement show; poster / p.10- the vulgar show; poster / p.12- the doom show; poster / p.18- doom show; march gallery / p.21- doom show; press clipping; rome / p.26- no posters (anti pop) poster / p.34- shit sculpture / p.36- shit sculptures / p.40- invitation card / p.41- germany 74 / p.42- isser photo / p.43- isser painting / p.44- isser gold / p.54- ferro; bombing of miss america / p.56- ferro; american interior / p.62- fisher stanley; photo / p.64- fisher; christ in a fallout shelter / p.72- fisher; think / p.78- fisher; christ drawings / p.84- sam goodmanp.85- goodman - lurie / p.88- goodman; psyche & vanity / p.94- goodman; the artist / p.97- goodman; female fetish / p.98- goodman; chess set #1 / p.105- goodman; kelvinator bull / p.110- goodman; bomb & snake / p.112- goodman; untitled / p.117- goodman with tv / p.122- goodman; cataclysm / p.123- goodman; the baby / p.125- goodman; shopping bag / p.126- goodman; general chaos / p.132- goodman' the box / p.140- boris / janco / schwartz / grippa 1962 / p.145- man ray / duchamp / p.154- boris in his studio / p.155- boris in his studio / p.156- boris in his studio

The best thing is to scan the photos on a cdRom ( on a high resolution and on a "tv screen ratio" image size. You can send it over here via FedeX and I will pay.

But, is it to much? can you do something like that ? how long can it take ???>

Please, let me know as soon as you can with many thanks, and a good week, Ami Goldman

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MEGAKLÉS ROGÁKOS: Tate Modern | London on Oct 26 | Dear Dietmar, thank you for your letter and your telephone-message. As Brois told you, I would like to see Tate Modern develop an interest in NO!art. I have written to both Sir Nicholas Serota (Director of Tate Gallery) and Mr Lars Nittve (Directpr of Tate Modern) about NO!art and the work of Boris Lurie in particular. Jetzt, es warte mich.

That it took me so long to reply to you has to do with the fact that I have many other responsibilities at Tate Modern. This week I am doing 3 guided tours (Thursday & Sunday) and I am serving as Information Assistant (Friday & Saturday).

I barely had the time to write to you. I hope I will be able to concentrate on an exhibition of NO!art in the future. Just to let you know I already have all of the Janos Gat catalogues as wel as the NGBK book. I am sending to you with this e-mail attachments that you may find interesting.

Hope to meet you in Berlin some day in the near future.
Yours, Megaklés

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CLAYTON PATTERSON: ManWoman | New York on Aug 15 | dear dietmar, here is the manwoman material. look it over and see what you think. i spoke to boris about manwoman and he was interestedin having him in the book. a couple of the pieces sould get by the censorship problem. --- clayton

postcard swastika friends  swastika stamps by ManWoman
Berlin wall piece by Manwoman
Part of the Berlin Wall, 1990

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CLAYTON PATTERSON: Webbittown | New York on Jul 28 | dear dietmar; good to hear from you. i have been corresponding with boris. it seems like we may be making some headway. he wants to meet. good. look up look up the webbitttown web site. red ed does an art call for both eastvillageabout.com and webbittown. he is the best one to make the links. red ed is a very interesting person and writes a tremendous amount about art. he has been very good to me, and i am sure he will include you into the mix. he would like to have a contact in germany. you can also add things to my part of webbitown if you like. let me know.

webbittown site

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NAOMI T. SALMON: NO!schloss | Weimar | May 29 | I am sending you 3 sets of photos, the first is of the Kisten exhibition, so that you can have an idea how it looked, with a thank you for the permition you faxed me to arrange your Kiste. I assume you will find it way too Ordentlich, but it was very important for us to keep the original .Punch-Gedicht-Fax* readable. Sonja Staar told me you asked to send everything back after the exhibition is over, and i wanted to know, if it is possible to keep the two Punch Photos lent, since two further locations for the Exhibition are planned for next year, in Bruxelles and in Linz. It will be great if we could keep them, if not we would like to ask for your permition to make reproductions of them, so that copies could be shown. Please let me know what is preferable to you.
The second set is of Schloß Denstedt near Kromsdorf, not far from Weimar. A rundown certainly, but if I understood correctly from Dietmar Kirves, you are looking for a possible NO!schloss in Thuringia, so here is one.
The third group is from the opening in Buchenwald in December 1998. I came across them while printing other things for Kirves for the book and thought I should send you my Blick of the NO!faction.
Hope you are doing well, wishing you a beautiful summer and awaiting your directions concerning the Punch-Photos,
Naomi Tereza Salmon

Castle Denstedt Germany
Schloss Denstedt near Kromsdorf for 500 thousand Marks ~ 790 thousand Dollars
[at that time Boris' estate was approximate 14 million Dollars]

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ANDREW ETHE: Displacement show | New York on May 18
Displacement: Art + Suitcase, will Travel
Gallery: Gertrude Stein
56 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
May 18 Through June, 2000

From Kosovo to Chechnya people are driven out of homes and communities and forced to live in improvised camps. In the USA an unannounced war is carried on against workers and the poor by a techno-corporate state with a "change is good" slogan that disguises domination and consumer brainwashing. A corporate mafia of techno-industrial nations creates the World Trade Organization and the World Bank to exploit third world nations in the name of progress and impose a media-commodity culture on them.

As global domination becomes more and more our reality, we are left with nothing but the road. But where do we go? Is there any place that misses the hand of the corporate media culture?>

At Gallery: Gertrude Stein, on May 18th, a group exhibition of art will open in which the suitcase is presented as a symbol of displacement and dislocation. Today the condition of the American artist is one of displacement. Constantly followed by developers and speculators, the American artist is displaced from studio and community. Even the life of the artists is now viewed a commodity of life-style development suitable for exploitation by interior designers and fashion mongers. Today the American artist is on the run. They are without art community or studio.

What do they do? They pack their suitcases. They work out of suitcases. They create art worlds in suitcases. Will the future see artists as gypsy communities constantly on the run? Or will it face extinction by a corporate art world of hired teams of art designers, programmed to devise commercialized art scenes and designer art, in a Disney-style development.

This exhibition is about the independent spirit of the artist. It is about the fact that some artists will endure under all conditions, and that the spirit of art is something that cannot be commodified or rationalized into a software program.

Contact: Andrew Ethe-535-0600, fax 765-6178>

Miriam Bloom, Kurt Novak, Sam Goodman, Karen Shaw, Bill Barrell, Herbert Reichert, Nancy Cohen, D.Copobianco, Mimi Gross, Ron Morosan, Barbara Stork, Boris Lurie, Bill Rodwell, Sherry Hendrick, Clayton Patterson, and others.

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