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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.




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 A classic Christmas Carol 2017 style
 Premio Combat Prize   Lee Harvey Oswald Marionette
 Professional Artists Training   Gilbert Baker RIP   Artist in Residence

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Clayton Patterson: A classic Christmas Carol 2017 style | NYC | Dec 25

Nik Zedd at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2009IMAGINE this story.. OR MOVIE --- only it is real..   do not even need an imagination - Mexico City -  An American Punk filmmaker - Nick Zedd his Mexican lady-  their young child - the last holdout - last resident  in a large hotel  -  empty halls - no heat - hot water - electricity  off and on - no computer or email - an Iphone  vs - Carlos Slim landlord one of the richest men in the world... armed guards in corrupt Mexico -- the filmmaker and family cannot leave hotel... outside food pulled up a rope .. kids rides tricycle in the empty hallway... AND IT IS NOW CHRISTMAS - Charles Dickens??? Scrooge??? Christmas Carol???  Christmas Eve child with candle light drawing christmas presents.. HIS IS SO CLASSIC IT HURTS ME TO THINK ABOUT - David vs Goliath

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Associazione Culturale Blob ART: PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE | Livorno | Dec 13

Get ready combat prizes

Sezioni: Pittura, Grafica, Fotografia, Scultura e installazione, Video
Partecipazione: Il concorso è aperto a tutti gli artisti contemporanei e di ogni nazionalità
Finalisti: 80 Artisti
Premio: 6000 € vincitore sezione Pittura
Premio: 6000 € vincitore sezione Fotografia
Premio: 4000 € vincitore sezione Grafica
Premio: 4000 € vincitore sezione Video*
Premio: 4000 € vincitore sez.Scultura/Installazione*
*(l'opera vincitrice rimarrà di proprietà dell'artista)

Applications are being accepted for the ninth edition of the COMBAT PRIZE, an international competition aimed at the constant search for different practices and talents that distinguish contemporary art. Once again the Museo Giovanni Fattori in Livorno will host the final exhibition with eighty finalists which this year will take place between June 23 and July 14, 2018. In addition to the usual monetary prizes, this year the ART TRACKER project grows even stronger, in collaboration with LUCCA ART FAIR, in which four artists from among the finalists will be part of the fair events in a unique curating project. Moreover, this edition will once again offer the Fattori Contemporaneo Prize, intended to help artists pursue artistic investigations and offer continuity to the comparison of works during participation in the Prize. The winner will also be given the opportunity to take part in the annual events at the Museo Fattori with a solo exhibition and a catalogue.

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Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre: Lee Harvey Oswald | Oct 19

Lee Harvey OswaldPreview on October 25th in New Hampshire:

a co-production of Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre a resident company at La MaMa and Theatre Kapow of New Hampshire
Stockbridge Theatre | October 25-26 | @ 7:30 pm
44 N. Main St, Derry, NH 
La MaMa Theatre | Nov 2-19 Thu-Sat | @ 7:30 PM, Sun @ 3:00 pm | 74 E. Fourth St.

Writer/Director: Vít Hořejš. Co-Director: Matthew Cahoon. Set and Costume Design: Michelle Beshaw. Choreography: Martha Tornay. Lighting Design: Federico Restrepo. Original Design Concepts Theresa Linnihan. Additional Design: David Michael Friend. Stage Manager: Hjordis Linn-Blanford, Deborah Beshaw-Farrell, Michelle Beshaw, Sarah Lafferty, Valois Mickens, Jon L Peacock, Jeffrey Roth, and Ben Watts


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MIGUEL MAYHER: Training to help professional artists | Aug 4

Hi Dietmar,

I’m Miguel Mayher, a fellow artist. I’d love your advice. Together with The International Arts & Culture group, we are building a world-class training to help professional artists master entrepreneurial skills. As a professional artist, your input to shape the topics of the course would be most valuable. Perhaps you don't even like the title to start with... "The Artist MBA"

Would you be available for a short ~10 minute private call/skype/chat to get your advice? No right nor wrong answers. We want to make sure we are building the training on the topics that would be most helpful and useful for the artist community - and that includes you. Interviewees have found the questions in the call a great opportunity to reflect on their journey. If this sounds like a good use of a studio break, kindly click here to secure a time slot that suits you. Or alternatively if calling you is not suitable, you may prefer to help responding to this 5-minute research form. If you prefer to decline I completely understand. In any case: thank you for your time & considering being part of the creative phase of this project.

Best wishes, Miguel

PS: Once the training materializes, we will give a special access to anyone who contributed in this initial research phase as a thank you gesture - including your followers if you want.

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CLAYTON PATTERSON: Gilbert Baker RIP - Creator of Rainbow Flag | Apr 3

​​rainbow flagJoey Goodwin of Overthrow Boxing and I creating a fanzine called Overthrow. In the first fanzine we featured Gilbert Baker the creator of the Rainbow flag, which is now a worldwide symbol of Gay Pride. Gilbert recently passed n March 31.
It was an honor to have met and to have interviewed him, and to have been able to help save a little piece of his history. He made an enormous contribution to human rights... and I am sending a request for help... I am desperately working to finish a NY tattoo history anthology... and guess what!!!! The absolutely hardest history to gather is gay history and the contribution of woman. Until I started working on this book I had no idea how impossible it has been to get woman to write about other woman, and how narrowly tailored gay history is and how many valuable pieces of that history are missing. If anyone is interested in this history please email me.

read Gilberts history in    Overthrow fanzine   wikipedia   Obituary New York Times   Die Welt / Obit in German

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ANDREAS HEUSSER: Artist in Residency in Zurich | Mar 29

freiraumstipendiumFree Living + Free Studio Space. Deadline for applications: 30th End of April. The Artist's-Residency "Freiraum" provides rent-free living in a furnished, 12m2 attic in the heart of Zurich, as well as the opportunity to network and discuss projects and ideas with the artists of the authors's collective index. If the resident so chooses, index will also help to organize a public event (e.g. exhibition, concert, panel discussion) for the artist. Until today, more than 40 artists from all over the world have profited from the program. The Residency is open to artists of various disciplines and experience. However, priority for the space will be given to artists from abroad who have had little or no support from other sponsors. The Residency lasts over the course of 8 weeks. As a new amendment of the program, Index will also provide a workspace in a shared studio. However, the artists are expected to bear the living costs during their residency themselves. The Application deadline for a residency from September 2017 to February 2018 is prolonged until the 30st of April 2017.
More infos / application form

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